thehatredofshipprick asked: do you have the video for the gifset where Patrick is playing arms race at the high school? (sorry, you've probably been ask this a lot :/)

I’ve posted it here!

Enjoy! :)

Anonymous asked: Where can i download the fall out gloria audio? it's amazing

Here you go, anon!

If this sounds at all mean, sorry… Why, exactly, is is Kim Kardashian is the new video? I mean, I bet half of your fans don’t even know who she is and the others, like me, know her for one thing and it’s not a good “one” thing. If you say, “I just wanted to make out with her,” I wouldn’t hold it against you because she is gorgeous but…I’m still a big fan but she sort of made the video less appealing to me.
asked by legallymanda on May 1, 2007

its a play on the “page six” idea. i guess youd relaly have to deconstruct the words… i dunno maybe it doesnt make sense
answered by peter on May 2, 2007 Q&A

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theartofkeepingupdisappearances asked: For the anon who was looking for Patrick's blog entries: there are some old posts from 2007-08 saved on here: patricko(.)buzznet(.)com/user/journal/1965641/ I don't know if that's all of it though, I don't really remember his blog from back then.

Thank you so much. This is what I was talking about from the little clickable Patrick head. Though this isn’t all of it since he had like “fun facts” or something else like that up. But here’s most (if not all) of the blog entries.

(Save some time, click here for the link)

Anonymous asked: I've been following you for awhile and I haven't noticed any posts of this nature by you (or anyone else) but do you know if Patrick had a blog of some sort? Like, I've read a lot of entries by Pete spanning back to like 2003. However, no Patrick ones. It would be kind of cool to read so if you have an info that would be great. Thanks for the fantastic blog! :-)

Patrick kinda stayed off the internet until 2008 when his first blog,, appeared. It was this cute little animated head with clickable sideburns but that’s the earliest he debuted on the internet. He didn’t even have a twitter or facebook of any such before that. So sorry!

On a very rare occasion, I’ve seen a few (very few) livejournal entries by Patrick from 2001 but they hardly reference the band. If anyone knows where to find those, though, that may help anon out!

On the set of “I’m Like a Lawyer…”